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FlexArmy™ Resistance Bands Set

FlexArmy™ Resistance Bands Set

FlexArmy™ Resistance Bands Set

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FlexArmy™ Resistance Bands Set are ideal for increasing flexibility and mobility. Often used in physical therapy and injury rehabilitation, especially for people suffering from leg, knee and back injuries.


  • IMPRESSIVE QUALITY  – Professional-grade exercise FlexArmy™ Bands are used by personal trainers, athletes, and Physical Therapists alike for low impact, high reward exercises! Each band is made with high-grade latex and is constructed to maintain their elasticity after years of use. Use FlexArmy™ Bands for strength, mobility, and stability training during full-body workouts and therapeutic exercises.


  • CONSTANTLY VARIED WORKOUTS – You will never get bored with these FlexArmy™ Bands. Plus, they can fit into any workout routine you are already doing! They are perfect for Insanity Asylum, CrossFit, P90X, Yoga, Pilates and Running. These are the best resistance bands for athletes of any level, and their compactness makes them useful for home-gym-ers or athletes who travel often!


START: PLace the band around your ankles. Lay on your side with legs straight and directly on top of one another



  • TUSH TRAINER  – Get those buttocks looking better than ever! From banded squats to monster walks, clam shells, hip thrusts, glute bridges, leg raises and kick backs, the FlexArmy™ Bands are the only piece of equipment you need to target your glutes and make your backside Beautiful!




START: Place the band above your knees. Have your feet shoulder width apart with head and chest up.



START: Place the band around booth legs just above the knees. Lay on your back with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle, feet flat on the floor and arms at your side. Push your knees so that there is tension on the band.


  •  YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL HOME GYM - The five loop bands roll and fit perfectly inside the included carry bag, which can easily be transported in a purse, briefcase or bookbag! The carry bag filled with bands weighs next to nothing, so you'll never feel like you're lugging around heavy or bulky equipment. The carry bag securely stays closed with a drawstring, so they'll stay in place and be easily ready for your workout whenever needed.

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It's not just the reflex ball. I am also surprised by the quality of support. They are fast, reliable and incredibly friendly. Thank YOU! 


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My order got lost and the post office couldn't help me with it. I contacted the customer service agent and within a week I have received my resistance bands that I've ordered before with a 50 % off coupon code! Excellent job guys!😍

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I've bought my son a reflex ball and a muscleup board as a birthday present. I thought the delivery won't make it but it arrived surprisingly fast! He Loved his present! Huge Thanks to this team!!! 🙏🙂

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I've never thought about this before! I have ordered the reflex ball with the stretch out bands. I just take them with me wherever I go and never skip my workouts. It really helps a lot! Thank you for such a great experience! 

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